Payment methods are required for placing an order. All requests require an access token in the Authorization HTTP header. See Authentication.

Get Credit Card Request

HTTP Request

GET /customer/cc


Parameter Name Type Description
include_expired true|false Whether or not to include expired credit cards in the response. Defaults to false.


    "message": [],
    "cards": [
            "cc_id": "280394",
            "type": "Visa",
            "last_four": "5640",
            "exp_month": 11,
            "exp_year": 2012
            "cc_id": "392321",
            "type": "Visa",
            "last_four": "5040",
            "exp_month": 11,
            "exp_year": 2015
            "cc_id": "147021235",
            "type": "American Express",
            "last_four": "1201",
            "exp_month": 5,
            "exp_year": 2016
Property Name Type Description
cards Object[] Array of credit card info.
cards.cc_id String Unique identifier for this credit card.
cards.type String Long description of credit card.
cards.last_four String Last 4 digits of credit card.
cards.exp_month Integer Expiration month of credit card.
cards.exp_year Integer Expiration year of credit card.