Each merchant will need an order confirmation method set. See the supported methods documentation for a description of each method.

Each confirmation method will accept varying parameters depending on its type:

POST /merchant/admin/confirmation

Property Name Value Description
merchantId integer
confirmationMethod object See the respective method for applicable properties

Currently only HTTP Post is supported by this endpoint.


As described in the supported methods documentation, this method will send an http post request for each order to a provided endpoint. Only one endpoint is allowed per merchant, thus a subsequent call will update the url if one is already set.

Post Confirmation Method Object:

Property Name Value Description
method string post
url url The endpoint which will accept the order json

Note: The url should not include the protocol (http/https). It should include any identification parameters necessary, such as an api key.

  "merchantId": 1234,
  "confirmationMethod": {
    "method": "post",
    "url": "www.example.com"