Level Authentication Description
Unauthenticated client_id Used for most GET calls such as merchant information, menu items, and general search.
Password Flow oauth token Any POST calls and customer specific calls that require prior authorization.
Trusted Flow oauth token Any calls with credit cards.


All API partners are granted unauthenticated access. Simply append your client_id to the request as such:


Elevated Access: Password + Trusted Flow

By default, your API partner account will not have Password or Trusted flow. You will need to apply for elevated access (details at the bottom of this page). Once your API partner account is granted elevated access, you will be able to make requests on behalf or our users.

All elevated access requests requires a successful oauth token handshake. The process is pretty complicated so we encourage you to find a framework to help you with the request process.

Documentation of our oauth token handshake

Password Flow

If you would like users to be able to sign up / login to their delivery.com accounts through your application, you will need to apply and receive Password Flow from our API manager. We highly encourage all of our API partners to apply for Password Flow as this unlocks more endpoints to tap into delivery.com.

User account creation will not work without having Password Flow granted to your account.

Trusted Flow

Trusted flow is reserved for businesses that have demonstrated success through our ordering API. Since this flow allows you to bypass the credit card pop-up – we have very strict requirements including PCI compliance, business status, company size, and several other key factors.

In many cases, you should be able to create a very powerful application without having trusted flow.

Applying For Password Flow or Trusted Flow

We encourage developers to first create a proof-of-concept application with our API before requesting for elevated access. Successful integrations (that receive repeating orders) can seek out elevated access with a richer set of features (including creation of new users).

Please speak with your Contact at Delivery.com if you have any further questions.