Get a list of nearby alcohol merchants.


HTTP Request

GET /data/search?search_type=MerchantList

Resource Information

Parameter Value
Response Format JSON
Authentication pass in client_id only
Rate Limited. Yes


Unauthenticated API request. Simply pass in the client_id. You can receive a client_id after signing up for a developer account.

Full Example URL,10018&client_id=brewhacks2016


All parameter keys should be lowercase; parameter values should all be UTF-8 and URL-encoded.

Parameter Name Type Description
Required Parameters
search_type string Set to MerchantList
address String The address where the user is. Acceptable formats include ‘Address, City, State’ and ‘Address, Zip’. We’ll validate the address for you.
order_type string Set the order type to either delivery or pickup.
order_time string Time of order. Set to ASAP for as soon as possible on demand delivery. Or, set it for a future order time. Make sure to include the timezone information otherwise it will to default UTC. We recommend ISO8601 2016-04-07T23:45:00-0400.


data: {
  "merchants": {
    "27484" : {
      "id": "27484",
      "search_address": null,
      "deliverable": true,
      "location" : { }
      "summary" : { }
      "ordering" : { ... }
      "standardized_data_default" : 1,
      "inventory_type_overview" : {
        "B" : 154
  "59662" : {},
  "61527" : {},
  "search_address" : {
    // geolocation data of entered address

Top Level

Parameter Type Explanation
merchants object Collection of alcohol merchants in range
search_addres object Geolocation of entered address


The GET Merchant Info endpoint is the dedicated resource on the merchant object but we’ll all the alcohol-specific parameters:

Parameter Type Explanation
id string Merchant id
standardized_data_default boolean Use internally
inventory_type_overview object Describes the merchant’s alcohol inventory type and quantity. B = beer; L = liquor; W = wine.