Add Credit Card

  • This is not an API endpoint, but a web address to open in the client’s browser. It follows a similar flow to our OAuth 2.0 style authentication.
  • Important for Laundry API developers: these pages are only located at the Food and Liquor API URLs.
  • Steps
    1. Send the user’s broswer to /third_party/credit_card/add
    2. After the user adds a credit card, the browser will redirect back to the redirect_uri that you specify.
    3. View the user’s updated list of payment methods using GET /customer/cc




Parameters Values Description
client_id Your application’s Client Id.You receive this when you sign up. Required – Identifies which client is making the request.
redirect_uri One of the redirect_uri values listed on your account page. Required – Determines where the response is sent. The value of this parameter must exactly match one of the values registered for your app (including the http or https scheme, case, and trailing ‘/’).
response_type code Required – Specifies that you want an access code returned.
scope global Required – This specifies that you are requesting global permission.
state Any string Optional. This is an optional paramter that you can pass in. The api will return this parameter on redirect back to your request_uri.

Handling the response

We redirect to the redirect_uri that you pass in.

Example Request{client_id}&redirect_uri={request_uri}&response_type=code&scope=global

Make sure to change client_id and request_uri to your api parameters.